Education Integration Examples

South American University

Hybrid Rooms

As our introduction to hybrid rooms, our HE client in Chile wanted to scale up their LMS solution to allow blended learning with the local audience and remote participants in their large lecture theatres.

We added switched cameras and additional microphones to provide sources for their existing Canvas/Zoom integration as a proof of concept exercise. This allowed them to insert the new signal paths into their existing theatre without permanent modifications.

We found that bringing live cameras and audio into the UC element through various USB interfaces provided a high level of quality. To be fair, we would design the microphone array differently if we were to do it again.

As a teaching system, we found that the client's wish to implement blended learning solely through a Zoom broadcast was limiting. A fully worked reverse classroom design exercise would have delivered a more coherent solution.

UK Training Centre

Integrated Training Rooms

This commercial training client wanted to link their training classrooms with their practical demonstration workshops, with the capability to record the sessions for use on their YouTube channel.

We designed control panels with an 'any source to any destination' selector in each room. This allowed any lecturer to use any image from a PC or camera throughout the training facility along with program sound and two way communication.

Two channels of video recording were also added which again, could take audio and video feeds from any part of the facility.

AV over IP technology gave flexible signal routing without having to use traditional matrices, making the system more efficient and more robust.

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